The Hinglish font by Shirin Johari

It takes two scripts to complete this font and it speaks to the whole world. We are talking about the Hinglish font which was designed by Shirin Johari earlier this year. Through this unique fusion-font design, you can tell the phonetic sound of a Hindi character by looking at the corresponding Roman letter superimposed on it.

Hindi is written in the Devnagri script, which has many more characters than the English alphabet. This font, then, cannot teach you how to read words as they are spelt in Hindi, but its aim is to demystify individual letters in its script and make India more approachable. Despite the superficial distinctiveness of English and Hindi, the two borrow from the same phonetic pool – they both belong to the Indo-European group of languages, the largest linguistic group in the world today. This font design playfully highlights these commonalities. To quote a now-popular phrase,”We’re same same, but different”!

It just keeps getting better. Shirin has now taken it forward by creating some awesome souvenirs which we will be introducing to the store later this week.  Here, sneak a peek!

Postcard design by Shirin Johari  – ” Eat paan and carry on”

Postcard by Shirin Johari – ” Stay calm and say Ram”
Set of 4 paper coasters by shirin Johari – “Cutting Chai”.
In the meanwhile try typing on the interactive tool that is made available here . Its fun if you write hindi words in english. Like how sometimes you type hindi words in a text message.


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